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Ocean Beetle Shorty 4 Helmet Maroon OCEANBEETLE SHORTY
Ocean Beetle Shorty 4 Helmet Maroon OCEANBEETLE SHORTY
Ocean Beetle Shorty 4 Helmet Maroon OCEANBEETLE SHORTY

Ocean Beetle Shorty 4 Helmet Maroon OCEANBEETLE SHORTY

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Comfortable reprint wearing a SHORTY helmet made by BELL in the 60s

The gold standard of vintage helmets, BELL's SHORTY helmet, and in recent years, with the popularity of vintage styles such as bobber, choppers, and old racers, it is extremely popular mainly among sensitive people on the street. It has become Dell.
While faithfully reproducing the styling and atmosphere of the vintage shorty helmet, the replica produced by Ocean Beetle, which continues to drop high-precision replica helmets that focus on strength and lightness, have been updated to modern times. It's a model.


This new Shorty 4, the previous Shorty? These 3 points have been updated
・The strength of the body material has been significantly increased by changing the body material to fiber.
・Further pursuit of comfort by modifier of the interior, it has become suitable for the whole head.
・XL to XXL size added with the addition of vintage size shell.


BEETLE SHORTY 4 is equipped with a removable Ear Muff and Black Visor as standard. The earmuff, which can be easily removed with a button, is cool and comfortable in summer when removed, and warmly wraps your ears when worn in winter.

The interior is made of urethane cushion material, which can be removed, so it can be washed. The inside of the helmet can be kept clean, and it is easy to change the size by replacing the interior.


You can choose black and white for the chin cup.

Please choose along with the size from the variations.


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BELL's first half-cap helmet SHORTY was developed for racers running in the Indy 500 in 1960. It is a model that was favored not only in the racing scene but also throughout the United States, such as being loved by women and children on public roads, and adopted by police.
Ocean Beetle emphasizes the ease of wearing and looks with this BELL SHORTY as a motif, and has been selling the model of the same name that has been remade a little smaller than the real thing for many years, making it the biggest hit. BEETLE SHORTY has repeated minor changes several times so far, but this time it is a further update.
First of all, as the biggest change, all sizes from S to L were covered with one shell, but from now on, in addition to the existing small cap body (extra small shell), it will be different from BELL SHORTY's S shell. Newly adopted a silhouette cap body (vintage size shell). This made it possible to expand the size up to XXL. At the same time, the material has been changed to glass fiber, gaining a moderate weight with a sense of luxury.
The pursuit of comfort did not stop, and the interior was significantly modified. The structure that dodges the head bee has realized a fit that wraps the entire head. The highly designed genuine leather ear pads and mufflers are inherited from the conventional model.
BEETLE SHORTY is not only small, but also allows you to choose according to the physique of the person wearing it. It can be said that it is a royal road of half cap that suits choppers, bobbers, and stock styles.

※This product is not a riding helmet, but a decorative helmet, so please refrain from using it on public roads.

Contents: Main body x1 visor x1 Chin cup x1 (you can choose from white/black)

Size: Head circumference S:~54cm / M:54~58cm / L:58~60cm / XL:60~62cm / XXL:62~64cm

Manufacturer name: OCEANBEETLE

※The actual color, texture, etc. may differ slightly depending on the monitor and environment.

※Please note that specifications, prices, etc. may be changed without notice for quality improvement.