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Rear STD Inner Fender SR400/500
Rear STD Inner Fender SR400/500

Rear STD Inner Fender SR400/500

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Bolt-on for SR400/500

When removing the side cover, by replacing it with the normal boorish inner fender that can be seen in the front of the rear tire,

You can unambiguous under the seat.

Standard design that does not choose a style

FRP black gel coat finish

※About FRP and black gel coat

・It is a black gel coat finish, but this is not a beautiful black color due to painting. It is possible to use it as it is, but it will be painted as discoloration and fading will appear over time.
・FRP products will have scratches that cannot be avoided during die-cutting during the manufacturing process. In addition, some fading will also be "within the acceptable range of FRP products". Please understand it as a base for painting.
・FRP products may have symptoms such as cracks if you force them.