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SPACE HELMET ver.2 NoBudz Ivory
SPACE HELMET ver.2 NoBudz Ivory
SPACE HELMET ver.2 NoBudz Ivory
SPACE HELMET ver.2 NoBudz Ivory
SPACE HELMET ver.2 NoBudz Ivory

SPACE HELMET ver.2 NoBudz Ivory

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The popular NOBUDZ space helmet has been upgraded and finally appeared.

The safety has been greatly improved with high-strength FRP from ver1, which was plastic
It will be ver2. All the extra buttons are smoothed.

The shield is set with a smoke mirror, but there is also a clear shield as a reserve
It's a set.

It's not variable. It is fixed, but it is removable so that it can be replaced.
※Because it is not firmly fixed so that it can be replaced with a clear shield
Mirror only, clear only, and those who do not plan to exchange it, use the magic tape inside as a shield
If you make it overlap lightly and paste it again, you can fix it more firmly.


The strap is an original double strap.

It's a very easy-to-use strap because it's soft leather.
The shape of the shell is easy to wear even for people with big heads, and the shape has changed slightly in millimeters.

The interior is completely diamond stitched, which greatly improves the comfort.

The weight is also slightly heavier than the plastic ver1, but it is a safety weight.

We recommend using the shield with anti-fog from the inside.

Basically, it is impossible to wear glasses, but there is a precedent that you can wear glasses while wearing them.
(Pretty difficult)
It was made with a sturdy shell, but it is a decorative helmet in terms of structure.
Please refrain from using it on public roads.

There is no styrofoam in the interior. It is a size development only for the thickness of the sponge.

The size of the shell is common in all sizes.
It will be a collaboration product with ELDERS COMPANY, the largest company in Asia.
It is based on the numerical value measured horizontally on the ground with the eyebrow line.

There is no styrofoam, so even if it's tight, you won't be in a state of saying "pain."
The size is approximate.

If you are confused about the size, we recommend choosing one size higher because the shell itself is small.
※This product is not a riding helmet, but a decorative helmet, so please refrain from using it on public roads.



S size, head circumference around 55cm

M size, head circumference around 57cm

L size, head circumference around 59cm

XL size, head circumference 61cm

XXL size, head circumference around 63cm


Contents: Helmet body x 1

Smoke Shield x 1

Clear shield x 1


※The actual color, texture, etc. may differ slightly depending on the monitor and environment.

※Please note that specifications, prices, etc. may be changed without notice for quality improvement.